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Cafe AKANEYA 茜屋珈琲店
Akaneya had to close its doors after 30 of good and faithful services.
However we continue our classes in the room 208.

Keiichiro Funakoshi a professional architect, created the first Akaneya cafe
It was a modest 18m2 in size, with 9 carefully arranged counter seats, bound books, chic china, impressive pictures and classical music, all creatings a very refined atmosphere.
Akaneya soon became a renowned place-to-be.
Discussions about literature and architecture soon attracted wealthy customers mainly and, in 1970, the then president of "Okura" China, Mr.Momoki, paid a visit to Akaneya. He suggested to Mr.Funakoshi to open a second cafe in Karuizawa, a famous health resort area.Thus in 1975 a second Akaneya was opended.
Coffee served at Karuizawa was four times more expensive than the average cup of coffee of the time. Primarily established as a literature experts and artists hang-out, that seond Akaneya attracted the same wealthy clientele as its predecessor. Among these very notable clients, we can count famous writers, high-ranked bisinessmen and philosophers such as Mr.Tanigawa Keizo. The growring popularity of Akaneya allowed a new establishment to be opened in 1985 near Karuizawa's train station.

Mr.Funakoshi died in 1987 at the age of 67 yeares old. But his spirit lives on thanks to Mr.Oga who requested the opening of a third Akaneya in 2005, in the lobby of a beautiful concert hall near Karuizawa's train station.

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